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My name is Binh. I am a Vietnamese American. But you can call me Janice, for your convenience. I am interested in aesthetic field and have already obtained the following titles and certificates:

  • Skincare Consultant with an International Skincare Consulting Professional certification from QC Career School
  • Fashion Stylist with  Certified International Styling Professional certification from QC Career School

In addition, I am currently studying makeup course and hair styling course at QC Career School and Online Makeup Academy School, respectively. And besides, I am also an accountant and a tax professional.

I love beauty. I love to make myself become beautiful. And I love to make other people become beautiful or more beautiful as well. That is why I create this website. I will spend my time to write about my viewpoint of beauty and beautifying. I will also provide some free services to help people who really want to have a better appearance.

I hope I can help my audiences become more beautiful so that they can gain more self-confidence, and this will result in their success in life.

International Skincare Consultant

Certified International Styling Professional

QC Makeup Academy

QC Makeup Academy

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