Tips for Having a Good Sleep at Night

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Having a good sleep at night is a normal thing for many people, but it sometimes becomes a luxury thing for those who have sleep problems or sleep disorders.
In this articles, I will introduce some ways to have a good sleep. They are from my own knowledge and experience.

First, it is knowing what kind of sleep disorders or sleep problems that you are having.

Sometimes, we don’t have just one kind of sleep disorders or problems. We may have a few problems. By determining what kind of sleep problems we have, it will be easier for us to find a solution. For example, I knew I couldn’t fall into sleep easily at night, and my sleep is disrupted. These were two sleep problems that I had.

Second, it is finding the causes of your sleep problems.

After knowing what our sleep problems are, the next step should be asking ourselves why we have those problems or what cause them to happen. In my circumstance, I think maybe I don’t go to work and spend much of my energy during the day, so I don’t feel tired or asleep at night.

In addition, I always drink one and a half cup of water before bedtime, so I naturally wake up during my sleep to just go to restroom. As a result, my sleep is frequently disrupted.

Third, it is asking ourselves whether or not there are other factors that can affect our sleep.

Besides main causes, there are also other factors for our sleep problems. They can be a disease, a stress, an emotion, an electronic device, a late dinner or snack, a cup of coffee or tea in the evening, a long nap during daytime, etc. In some cases, a disease may cause us to be difficult to fall into sleep. However, because I am not a doctor, I can’t talk more about this. Thus, if you suspect that a disease cause you your sleep problems, please consult your doctor. In the scope of this article, I only can talk about what I have experienced. I used to worry too much about some problems in my life, and I even worried as well as thought about the solution for my problems at bedtime. As a result, this stress made me be unable to fall into sleep at night.

In addition, I recognize that if I have an emotion right before bedtime, the emotion will make me think more about the cause of my emotion. This results in my being difficult to fall into sleep.

Moreover, using electronic/mobile devices before bedtime may cause us to stay awake. As for me, if I use iphone or ipad for over one hour before sleeping, I will not feel asleep. Also, if I listen to some audio story on youtube for over an hour, I can’t fall into sleep easily.

Furthermore, drinking coffee or tea in the evening may cause us to be unable to fall into sleep. Coffee or tea contains cafein which makes us stay awake.

Additionally, I recognize that I don’t have a a good sleep if I have a late dinner. In fact, I have a difficulty to fall into sleep and even have a dream during my sleep if I have my dinner after 9 PM.

Also, if we sleep a lot during daytime, we will not feel tired at bedtime. Thus we cannot be easily to fall into sleep.

Next, it is writing down what we should or should not do.

Things that we should do:

  • Exercising or working out around 30 minutes per day by walking, running, etc.
  • Keeping yourself being busy all day
  • Keeping electronic devices such as phone, ipad, laptop out of bedroom
  • Staying calm during the day, especially at night

Things that we should not do:

  • Worrying and thinking too much about something at night time and bedtime
  • Having emotion before bedtime
  • Watching videos, listening to music or somethings else before bedtime
  • Having dinner after 9pm
  • Drinking coffee or tea at evening or night time
  • Taking a long nap during the day

Finally, it is setting up a goal, reorganizing daily activities, following the new schedule, and always remembering our goal to avoid some temptation during the day that can cause us a difficulty to fall into sleep at night.

In my case, my goal is to have an enough and good sleep. Thus, I reorganize my daily activities such as setting a time for working out, finding more things to do during a day, avoiding to take a nap in daytime, having an earlier dinner, and trying to having a shower earlier so that I can get to bed earlier. I also tried to drink less water or don’t watch iphone or ipad before sleeping time. Then I tried to follow my new schedule, and my sleep gets better. Many times I feel asleep during daytime, I always think that I should skip a nap because I want to have a good sleep at night. I focus on doing something, and as a result, my feeling asleep goes away.


In conclusion, to have a better sleep, we need to know what our sleep problems are, find the main causes of our sleep problems, find other factors that can affect our sleep, make a list of what we should or should not do during a day, set up a goal to reach, reorganize our daily activities, follow our new schedule, and always remember our goal to avoid temptations during a day.

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