Dictionary of clothes – 1960s Fashion

Mini Skirt

The mini skirt falls at least six or seven inches above the knee. It was considered, at the time of 1960s, extremely provocative.

Unisex Fashion

It includes jeans, capris, shorts, pants, shirts, and t-shirts.

woman in oversized shirt touching her collarbone

The Mods

Suits consisting of a “smart” shirt, box-silhouette jacket, narrow trousers, and polished black shoes.

They used trendy electric scooters.

The Rockers

The Rockers wore leather jackets (often with metal studs), tight blue jeans, and cowboy boots.


  • “Psychedelic” prints and bell bottom jeans
  • Men grew out their hair and stopped shaving their beards.
  • Women wore flowers in their hair, no bras, caftans, flowing dresses and peasant blouses.
  • Fashion icons such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, and Nicole Richie resurrected the hippie style

close up photo of flowers held by a person
woman standing on sunflower field
  • In modern fashion, this style is referred to as “boho chic” or “gypsy chic.”
  • Using Eco-friendly fabrics

Music was influential in the world of fashion. The Beatles and Rolling Stone were good examples.

a close up shot of a person touching a vintage collection
man sitting on guitar amplifier playing electric guitar

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